Black Hole or Critical Mass Core

Big Bang or Inflationary Theory

The origins of a Critical Mass Core (Black Hole)

One can construct a sound postulate whereby a conclusion can express support; why vast areas of super concentrated baryon matter can exist. While not being subject to their physical existence as a state of being certain, we can by rationality present a philosophical foundation for science and evolutionary trends as proof by logic and by a reasoned pursuit of the senses.

These quanta terms; Alpha, Beta and Gamma are used here to avoid having to invent new terminology.

Black Hole Friend or Foe?

Black Hole is a misleading catchphrase for these enterprising celestial paragons, founders of "Mini universes". Though branded as space behemoths methodically sucking sectors dry, these Critical Mass Cores (MCM) of destruction may not be so bad after all. Perhaps these elusive cosmic entities will add credence to the theory that massive CMCs are intricately related in the creation and evolution of Mini universes filled with galaxies, stars, planets and all their lesser baryon matter.

The configuration of the critical mass core in question is influenced by external forces. All motion is dependent on net force and net force is sensitive to the initial conditions of its surrounding environment. The growth of a CMC is not only deterministic but in essence its’ doctrine is that all occurrences in the environment take place in accordance with natural laws.
Critical Mass Cores are high interest players in the composition of "Mini Universes” and the inferred existence suggests that big bangs create Mini Universes with all the lesser matter within sectors of the Greater Universe in perpetuity.

There are various reasons and not surprising why we receive little to none thermal transmissions from these elusive entities.
1--- A Critical Mass Core is enveloped while other celestial bodies are permeated by dark matter and Alpha plasma.
2-- A mature Critical Mass Core maybe totally invisible, if isolated by an environment of Alpha plasma. This process of the outlying Dark matter particles continuously pushing the nearby dark matter particles onto the CMC surface create an interesting projected sequence of events and in accordance with logic the surrounding environment manifests a change in the initial conditions in outlying space; eventually a rip may materialize in the dark matter plasma. Presumably this continuous coalescing, agglomerating and emptying surrounding space of both dark matter and the embedded baryon matter, leaving only an alpha unit filled space, inconsequence surrendering all inherent means of light advancement. The motion of light is a thermodynamic act; which enables the transfer of an Alpha quantum unit from one dark matter particle to the next dark matter particle; otherwise we may refer to as a medium.
***** Note – even though all space is filled with Alpha plasma, all the same this is not a medium in which alpha units can use as an act of transmission.
3 ---Thermal information (E.G. light) can not be transmitted to Earth through an Alpha plasma, this initial condition render light torpid. I declare without proof, space void of dark matter as a conveyance medium will render light as not perceptible to the eye from its source.

How is a Black Hole Constructed?

Spinning stars or galaxies are permeated and embedded in dark matter and Alpha plasmas; they establish a whirl – like motion.
1-Critical Mass Cores that spin will initiate whirlpools with a centripetal influence inconjuction with net force.
2- Those without spin will not initiate centrifugal or centripetal influence; net force will be the initial source of pressure responsible for addition of dark and baryon matter to grow the volume.
When an object has achieved critical mass status and dark matter particle now are impuissant to permeate this critical mass, at this stage both dark and baryon matter are effortlessly coalesced / pushed. The CMC has constructed conditions to integrate the dark matter along with the more complex embedded baryon matter, and creates an ever expanding region of concentrated specific quantum units (gamma and beta). As a result of weight intensity and outlying dark matter pressure (net force) objects cannot pull away.

The method used is quite simple.

A CMC is a highly concentrated mass of Beta and Gamma units and may or may not spin; I am not at all sure if the spin is necessary for all CMCs. This maybe a conjectural opinion but if one does spin, it will create a centripetal influence.

Alpha and dark matter react differently when faced with a critical mass; Dark Matter can not penetrate this entity. The cause and effect on the surrounding environment is deterministic all quanta units are tangible measures of heat and their manner of function is linear and unitary. When any mass is of greater thermal value than that of its surrounding environment and quanta units are impuissant to penetrate this critical mass; hence this unbalanced condition creates a net force; as now some vectors do NOT equal zero, and this motion can be interpreted as new dark and baryon matter is steadily applied by a push force.
Once dark and baryon matter comes in contact with the CMC surface they are transfixed, as they are pushed by the outlying dark matter, a sequence that is repeated too numerous to count. As more and more dark matter is coalesced it gradually draws in the planets, stars and galaxies. If for any reason, the Dark matter lattice was to rupture, coalescence and net force would endure a deathly blow, and limit the process of accreting matter to form a more massive CMC. As long as internal pressure is less than the external pressure, the CMC will continue to coalesce and grow. Once internal pressure exceeds external pressure, a new initial condition in reverse is created in the surrounding environment. The CMC is now the dominant net force. This new initial condition is destabilizing and explosive; an uncontrollable mass breach will occur.

To create a CMC by pushing these minuscule particles, one particle adjacent to the next is a labor of patience. CMC collocates and concentrates this mass as out lying dark and baryon matter influenced by a net force is continuously adding more matter; creating an ever expanding volume. This expanding activity exerts a continued and constant increase in pressure to both the dark and baryon particles, as a cause and effect of this constant increase in pressure the dark and baryon particles eventually break down expel their Alpha content and alter the shape of the remaining units (Alpha units are the stuff in all particles). It is the Beta and Gamma units that are creating this celestial critical mass phenomenon, a sequence that may continue for billions of years*. (Time here is not as a dimension but as expressing a repetitive sequence of events). Throughout this evolution net force pushes, galaxies, stars and dark matter, bit by bit unto the CMC surface.

Since Beta represents 33% (+ -) of all matter in a Mini universe, it is logical to assume that Beta units are the dominating force and overshadow the Gamma unit content in all CMCs, all Alpha units are expelled only Beta and Gamma units remain; this internal force is countered by an external pressure of equal value from the outlying dark matter particles.

If for some reason the Dark Matter plasma is severed:
Little by little all matter around the CMC will deplete and bit by bit expend it's external pressure. This can lead to but one conclusion, the pressure from the outlying Dark matter spent, a critical breach and an unstable Core is imminent.

What caused a CMC to fragment and not quantize / atomize?

Since a MCM is greater in thermal values (volume) than the surrounding environment, it is safe to consider a non equilibrated environment exists. All motion is dependent on net force and net force is sensitive to the initial conditions of its surrounding environment. No matter how big a complex (MCM) or how small a particle may be – they rely on the underlying order of quantum matter. There is a direct relationship between quanta density, net force, initial condition and quantum linear motion in the Greater Universe.

I believe this critical mass is the fruit of the initial conditions that influenced dark matter to manifest this phenomenon; matter under extreme weight and intense net force, compress the fundamental particles as to alter their shape, expel all Alpha units (the stuff found in all the particles), condense and form a critical mass of specific quantum units. Although quantum units are primordial elements and under normal conditions will not break down, still they can not refuse the intense pressure and must adopt a polygon of forces, a new spherical form.

Note: - the polygon shape is simply to eliminate any Alpha or (vacuum; which in reality cannot exist).
All motion is dependent on net force and net force is sensitive to the initial conditions of its surrounding environment.

These veins I am about to introduce are perceptible to the eye; exist as quantum content. I propose this to be the baryon matter, now represented as Gamma.
This configuration consists of two flavors Beta and Gamma truly homogenous to the eye, but not in physical thermal value or volume.

I realize for a human to travel to a high density stars such as CMC, descend on a cross section to observe these vast areas is impossible for a number of reasons. But as fruit of the mind here we are, upon closer observation we detect the plain to be heterogeneous. We notice countless marble like trails the archaeological remains of once, planets, stars, galaxies, and clusters of galaxies, now mere spots sprinkled throughout this surface. Massive layers of Beta units dwarfing the total Gamma content now sprinkled as minor trails forming a marble like effect throughout the Critical Mass Core.

Reasons why these veins exist are;

1 – Both Dark and Baryon matter coalesced will break down but the newly acquired Beta and Gamma units will not integrate with the existing quantum content, reason being the existing matter is in itself a critical mass. These newly coalesced Beta and Gamma will simply adhere to the surface; while the Gamma units will remain in clustered formation.

2 - With the vast distances between celestial bodies and the high ratio dark matter verses baryon matter (Alpha + beta + gamma) and dark matter (Aplha + Beta) clearly argues that Beta units will be the prominent unit structure. This high ratio dark matter verses baryon matter presents Beta units the opportunity to blanket Gamma unit clusters by way of continuous accretion of DM and baryon matter. Patiently these celestial bodies produce the vein effect throughout the CMC structure.

These varying flavored veins eventually form fault lines in the CMC design. With pressure spent from external sources, these veins now under extreme conditions will cause the Core to fracture. The first break will stem where the greatest pressure is concentrated, producing the largest primary fragments. Each next generation explosion will be fractions and they inturn will fragmentize at their weakest links. The fact that galaxies are scattered, in all directions is a consequence of these initial explosions and supports the theory that fragmentation, was the initial matter structure of our "Mini universe". Thermal expansion of super high temperature of each fragment is achieved in the final stage of fragmentation as critical concentrated Gamma clusters are finally breached. At this point what may appear are frenzied quantum units reverting to what once was dark matter and baryon particles.

Is a CMC hot or cold?

I believe that Beta and Gamma units construct a CMC, two varied but intrinsic thermal values, I also believe that these quantum units are matter at rest. The CMC being stripped of all Alpha units makes this truly an interesting hypothesis.
If our sun as an ordinary star can reach 15 million K or more at its core as ordinary matter; we should realize that the star contains all three quantum units. A CMC contains only beta and gamma both units are of higher thermal value and much closer together. Less we forget 78% of all quantum matter is in the form of alpha. To compare the two temperatures, our sun would feel like walk in park.

Within this critical mass the Quantum unit motion assume a state of rest, with each unit retaining its intrinsic thermal value. The sum of heat might infer all matter in the CMC can evolve toward a state of inert uniformity, a state of equilibrium.

At this present Quantum state the 2nd law of thermodynamics has met its Waterloo. Equilibrium can not be achieved, what the 2nd L is faced with are quantum units with intrinsic varying thermal values. The 1st Law of thermodynamics argues well by pointing out that matter can not be created or destroyed. If these intrinsic thermal values could be tempered with than we would observe much higher degree of baryon matter in space. This obviously is not what we witness as pertaining to the quantity of baryon matter observable in our Mini universe.
Does this leave us with perpetual motion?

fmp* = fundamental particles (The term "fundamental particle" is used here to avoid having to invent new terminology)
PRE* = Potential rest energy = Quantum thermal units = Quantum heat units.
Time = Something perceived by our senses.
Critical* = high density of specific units held in check by outlying dark matter pressure
Central coalescence* = drawing to the centre

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created by Sam Sade

created: June 10, 2003 : last modified: August 2, 2009