Dark Matter

What is Dark Matter?

Dark matter is the stuff between the things we see.

We must adopt "out of the box thinking" and embrace concepts whereby physical mechanics can explain, how quantum units form the array of wonders that surround us.

This supposition provides an argument for how much unseen matter there must be to solve this mystery. Without understanding how much is out there and what it is made of, it is impossible to come to a firm conclusion why or how celestial bodies do not fall, fly apart or fall apart.

Dark matter is a term ascribed here to a particle invisible to our technology; this particle sets up or establishes a firm basis or existence for a favorable environment of a Mini Universe.(dark matter outside the confines of Mini universe is very sparse).
If we decide for some reason to calculate the weight or mass of our Local Universe using even conservative numbers we soon would accumulate a staggering mass or weight.
This begs this question, why than does our Mini universe not fall? A reasonable and logical extrapollation should infer; there must be another particle even smaller than dark matter and in much greater quantities to float this behemoth mass, lets’ call this fluid like force a “quantum alpha plasma”.

While carefully measuring the speed of rotation of galaxies, astronomers stumbled upon a profound cosmic mystery. While estimating what the rotation speed of galaxies should be by calculating the mass of all the visible stars and gases, thereby determining the holding pattern of the galaxy. Much to their surprise, the measurements showed that most galaxies are rotating faster than they should; more than twice as fast, this meant that, according to modern gravity theories, these galaxies should be flying apart. Yet clearly, they are not.

What can the answer be?

These measurements suggest that there must be much more unseen matter than just the stars and gases we observe.
It is not only possible but neccessary that all galaxies be permeated and embedded in dark matter plasma. These particles cannot be observed by any of our technical means such as, infrared, optical, ultraviolet, X-ray, or gamma-ray telescopes? Could contemporary theories of gravity, which seem to be correct in some cases, be sometimes wrong?

Note: What we may not be aware of is that gravity is a false theoretical premise in that its physical mechanics remain elusive.
Example: when we drop a ball we experience gravitational evidence, but when we gaze into the heavens and observe objects simply suspended,: they do not fall. It is obvious that this theory works sometimes and sometimes not.

Dark matter is not discernible in any visible open systems it is simply to small of a particle. Alpha and beta (quantum heat units) constitutes 90 to 95% ~ of all matter in our local universe. The remaining give or take 3 to 5 % are Gamma quantum units (Alpha, Beta + Gamma form baryon matter).
It maybe contrary to common believes but alpha and beta units are the predominant contents of our planet, all living and non living are all the constructs of alpha, beta + gamma. (These quantum units form the baryon matter particles). Alpha and Dark matter is the stuff that fills what we perceive as empty space between the electron and the nucleus of an atom.

Since more or less 95 percent of matter is invisible, quantum as individual units cannot empirically be measured, a philosophical view to rationalize concepts and satisfy pursuits of knowledge in regards to quantum units is necessary. Philosophy is considered to be the ultimate pursuit of knowledge when dealing with the initial conditions of discrete matter which are well beyond our empirical means to discern by sight. To distinguish a quantum unit as something different when "it" in "itself" is the environment is a futile quest.
In this respect, the quanta environment is about predictability and what shapes a very stable and constant volume of a closed system.

Although dark matter is mass nontheless it does not coalesce with any baryon particles; what it does is permeate and embed all baryon matter, cluster galaxies, stars, including man. In a way you can call dark matter a semi (?) closed system, in that it can decay but can not bind with any other quantum unit nor increase its thermal value or volume. Dark matter is a rest mass that permeates and pervades our bodies but unlike air that we pass through – Alpha and dark matter pass through us. More pertinent, Alpha and dark matter are rest mass and our bodies simply ambulate causing hardly a ripple in these plasmas. Science is truly stranger than fiction.

In Astronomy, as in all sciences, one can detect an object in one of two ways: either by observing it directly, or observing the effect that it exerts on more visible bodies. The existence of these fundamental particles may not be discernable as they harbor such minuscule matter structure.

There is an enormous variety of experimental techniques brought to bear to empirically uncover a dark matter particle. It would be equally as frustrating to recover a drop of water that was dropped in the middle of the ocean. You know the evidence is there: what to do? what to do?

Dark matter is a generic term for these fundamental particles in the Mini Universe. Despite the fact they are not visible to our technology; their presence is inferred by their influence on the more visible celestial bodies. Their exact form maybe controversial but they do transmit thermal information Omni- directional and when favorable conditions present themselves they will illuminate. There is a consensus in the astronomical community that most of the mass in the our galaxy and of most galaxies, is in the form of Quantum Alpha units and dark matter.
A more appropriate definition for dark matter would be more indicative to a low thermally valued particle (mass). By this definition all quantum units have close to absolute zero thermal value; hence dark matter coined by Zwicky is most deserving.

Let us posit a more compelling argument for dark matter only

Let us hypothesis; all celestial structures are permeated and embed in Alpha and Dark Matter plasmas.
Let us again assume that initial conditions and linear motion requires a contiguous particle medium to set these conditions in the surrounding environment. A Mini universe by definition is an open system embedded in a Greater Universal alpha plasma a “closed system”.
It is also logical to assume that the Mini universes and the Greater Universe are a construct of a very few varying valued quantum thermal units. As the evidence from observations of our Mini universal Baryon content suggests.

For the 2nd law of thermodynamics to function:
The evidence from observations of our mini universe infers in order to create an infrastructure to support initial conditions, net force and quantum linear motion in a surrounding environment / space, a contiguous dark matter transmission medium is necessary for these physical mechanics.

At this point in time cosmologists are dubious as what dark matter is. With understanding the movements of celestial objects, great strides have been taken in the comprehension of our Mini Universe. The nature of dark matter and its abundance are crucial questions in modern cosmology. Since an insignificant percentage of all matter is visible, it is therefore logical to embrace the possibility that these non – visual Alpha units and dark matter will determine the type of Mini Universe and how it performs.

We may speculate as to what percentage of the Mini Universe is dark matter, whether galaxies and all macro matter contribute 4% or 10% ~ the fact is 90 % ~ still remains as dark matter and Alpha quantum heat units.

Dark matter is a combination of two varying Quantum flavors, one Alpha + one Beta. In order for quantum units to exhibit thermal influence they must possess mass. To be instrumental in the construction of plasma, particles must rest in an adjacent formation. Sequentially vast quantities of contiguous dark matter particles are needed to simply fill the volume and implement a route for universal thermal transmission.

The second is the Alpha quantum unit together with dark matter ingeniously choreograph two isometric, heterogeneous three-dimensional geometrical networks; this assemblage of quantum units sets up initial conditions create a thermal transference mediums and restrain separation by avulsion of the celestial objects throughout the Mini universe.. The remaining 4 to 10 % ~ as baryon matter along with Alpha and Dark Matter represents 100 % of all quantum units (matter) in the Mini universe.

How can we detect dark matter?

I believe the plausible region to observe dark matter is in the haze enveloping Critical Mass Cores, here teeming between opposing forces the dark matter is impuissant to permeate this critical mass. Constrained by their plasma formations and having close to zero independent motion this rest mass has limited options. The Critical Mass Core on one side forms a physical barrier to which all quantum units are impuissant and an e-equilibrium is created.
Here e-equilibrium refers to a state in which all of the external forces on a CMC do NOT balance each other out such that there is a net effect there and the net force does NOT equals zero. The CMC impedes the natural state of both Alpha units and dark matter creating a net effect between outlying Dark Matter and CMC surface. This imbalance creates a push force and as stated in the 1st Law of Motion the object will be pushed in a straight line by the stronger force.
As more and more Baryon and dark matter is drawn / pushed onto the CMC surface this compressive process expels all the Alpha content away from the CMC surface and into space; the cause and affect on the remaining content; both the CMC and the surroundings will experience higher thermal conditions. The surrounding Dark Matter may initiate a degree of visibility.
But that is not necessarily a good thing, to be able to see a CMC. because it can also see lunch.

I will attempt to explain with this "Quantum Thermal Unit Rearrangement" theory (QTUR)

The first law of quantum thermal unit rearrangement states ; No two quantum thermal units can share the same point in space.

To thoroughly digest the quantum thermal unit rearrangement concept, we should first start with a proposition; What is the mechanism to explain the function and extrapolate a theory of a quantum thermal unit rearrangement. Like sound or water for QTUR propagation, a contactual fluid like medium, to fill the total volume is required. Sequentially vast quantities of quantum units are needed to simply fill this space.

Let us posit a novel argument for general behavior and causation of these basic constituents.
These varying fundamental Quantum unit values (alpha, beta and gamma) eventually form baryonic particles and advance to more complex matter but do not increase their unit value* in respect to volume in space.
Unit value* to define the term is to say. The unit cannot accrete more heat or increase its respective volume albeit through the coalescence of specific units will increase a configured mass. These new binding units simply displace the none binding Alpha units and resultantly claim that space. These specific particles can now initiate motion and thermal transference but their respective unit value or volume remains a constant.
What we are witnessing in this case is a local coalescence of dark matter and binding particles or a formation of baryonic matter, an increase of quantities of specific units expanding the local region only.

Hypothetically we may extrapolate; that the WEIGHT of one cubic inch of quantum alpha units will equal the WEIGHT of one cubic inch of beta quantum units and will equal the WIEGHT of one cubic inch of baryon matter or any combination of units thereof. In other words the weight is constant. Therefore density = omega one = and explains the buoyancy of matter in space. Hypothetically we may extrapolate; one cubic inch of space will contain a constant density of binding or non - binding units. Likewise one cubic inch of space will contain a constant weight inconsequential as to the type of matter and only the number of Quantum Heat Units subject to their value will change.

The haze should be brighter around mature Critical Mass Cores, as all thermal information is confined locally in the plasma to its periphery. The periphery will be determined by the rip in the dark matter. We may extrapolate that the enveloping dark matter density and unbalanced forces will determine the thermal values surrounding Critical Mass Cores.

Here we may encounter one or more problems--

1-- Mature Critical Mass Cores should be totally invisible and embedded in a Quantum Alpha plasma. This effect is caused by a rip in the dark matter plasma creating a space occupied only by Alpha units.

2-- Thermal information (light) is torpid and can not be transmitted to earth through a "void, vacuum as Alpha plasma". To postulate, without dark matter as a transfer medium light can not be visible from the source.

This phenomenon Dark Matter plasma will construct sectors as independent bubbles bearing celestial objects in the Greater Universe. (details Big Bang) Each bubble resembling a small universe within a larger universe; if one could view these bubbles, from a perspective point, one would perceive these sectors of the Greater Universe as floating buoyant bubbles embedded throughout a fish bowl full of water.

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created by Sam Sade

created: June 10, 2003 : last modified: August 2, 2009