Does Earth Have Headway Momentum ?

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Why Orbits are Elliptical

Our solar system presents us a wondrous adventure into the unfolding secrets of a star, its planets, comets, asteroids, planetesimals, meteors, dark matter and Alpha quantum plasmas as an oasis of motion.
It is understood from the standpoint of our observations that no object in the universe is at rest. Every object is in a state of motion.
The question is what is the functioning agent that initiates an object a process for changing a position in space?

Motion in the universe is comprehensively interrelated through an internet of Alpha quantum heat units and Dark Matter particle fields.*
Objects with independent momentum are those that the First law of motion applies too.

"Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it". (Newton)

What is this forcel

Hypothetically let us consider this unconfirmed force consists of three constituents :
One basic constituent is the Alpha unit that pervades the "greater universe" or the entire space. These Alpha units fill all space that is not presently occupied by Beta or Gamma Quantum units. Sequentially vast quantities of Alpha units are needed to simply fill the volume and determine the density of the Greater Universe.

While #2 is a more complex constituents found in Mini universes ( sectors of the greater universe) e.g. for this exercise, let's use our solar system.

#2- Is a Dark matter particle a constituent comprised of one Alpha + one Beta, they form a 3 dimensional geometrical lattices, isometric, homogeneous and that permeates and embeds all clump matter and is instrumental in the construction of plasma. These dark matter particles must rest one particle adjacent to the next adjacent particle and fill all the space in a Mini Universe that is not presently occupied by Alpha or Baryon matter. Sequentially vast quantities of contactual dark matter particles are needed to simply fill the volume and implement a route for thermal transference.

Why Orbits are Elliptical

A rotating orbital star embedded in “Alpha" and "dark matter" establishes elliptical fields entrapping all orbiting planets, comets, asteroids, meteors, planetesimals and including all space dust. One force is a mild Alpha* field and a second sharing conjointly this space is a more dynamic DM field. Their rotation in concert influence the fields to adopt a whirl-like motion, unlike a whirlpool the Sun does not initiate a centrifugal or centripetal influence to the whirling or orbiting matter

I believe the planets permeated and embedded in these plasmas are static buoyant bodies in elliptical whirl pool matrixes.
Following logic we may assume a rotating planet embedded in Alpha & DM fields will likewise establish a whirl pool and initiate local drag.
In general planets do not possess forward momentum but rather express a static state.
We may extrapolate that the interaction by the two fields (the suns’ and the planets’) will retard the planet's orbital flow and impart the impression of independent motion. In reality due to varying mass and local drag values, the planets project only an illusion of headway momentum.

The illusion of motion in which two or more planets orbiting the sun with identical physical velocities but have different mass value, impose different drag values as they spin and orbit around the sun. The drag imposed by the planets onto the plasmas indicates an effect that smaller planets’ perceived velocity maybe greater than the larger planet as it appears to lag behind. The results to this hypothesis are inconsideration with that the environment is relatively static, constant and purportedly subject to normal decay and expansion of the solar system.

This may beg a question; Our Sun as a member of the Milky Way is considerably the most dominant whirl pool in our solar system. Commands at least one motion as it spins and orbits around the Milky Way. Assuming the Sun does NOT command independent headway momentum, hence we may extrapolate the same laws that govern the orbits of planets around the Sun, must also govern the motion of stars around the galaxies.

As the Sun orbits', its solar matrixes** it exert pressure onto the "galactic" MATRIX* fields, the consequential result once again is resistance and or pressure to the solar matrixes** with the "minor axis" forming elliptical fields to the solar matrixes**.
While the Sun's apogee of the semi - major axis will maintain facing the galactic center (or the higher thermal value) as the Sun advances in its orbit around the Milky Way.
Assuming these same laws that govern the orbits of planets around the Sun also must govern the motion of stars. Based on this hypothesis, we may extrapolate the Sun to be buoyant And static is logical. The Sun must adopt the galactic orbit.

To postulate that a planet commands orbital independent headway motion implies the planets’ speed is variable as it continuously orbits the sun. We than may presume in the process of its orbital progress it will encounter the need at least once to increase velocity as it tries to catch up to the sun's orbit.
This hypothesis is stressing logic and begs for a myriad of gravitational and mathematical inferences. I believe that nature works with pure and simple laws.

The origin of some of our (if not all) planets might be fragments hurling through space with just enough velocity to enter the sun's elliptical QTU fields and not sufficient velocity to Escape and are captured in this eccentrically elliptical field
The fragments crashing into the sun may extrapolate any number of theories as to the origins of “planets and other matter".
If a fragment with sufficient velocity can pass through the elliptical QTU field it will continue into space never to return. (Never an infallible term but close)

QTU *-------quantum thermal units
MATRIX----Alpha & DM galactic fields.
Matrix** ----Alpha & DM solar fields
Matrix * ----Alpha & DM earth fields.


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