Natural origin of Life

What is Life

We are fortuitous to evolve inquisitive minds that questions the phenomena that consciousness exists, we can create and continually evolve consciously for the good of others is astounding. Not surpassing the fact that our definition "what is life" ingeneral is subjective, prejudicial and not aspiring to objectivity. Nevertheless it is a privilege to observe how “Human kind” metaphysically inspires intellectual and philosophical theories to tackle this and other phenomena around us.

The meaning of life is a philosophical question concerning the purpose and significance of our existence. For humans to be so extremely unimportant in the grand scheme, seems a distinct blow to our insignificance. An argument well placed in respect to our region of activity in the thermal spectrum, a range so crucial and consequent to our very existence.

What do we have in mind when we conject what does life actually means; there seems to be no one definition we can all agree on.
The intentional definition should describe the necessary attributes of open systems belonging to the defined sets. This means that all the attributes in the axiomatic definition that are needed to distinguish Life from non-Life, and no additional attributes will be required.
The 2nd Law presents a paradigm which provides a consistent explanation how quantum units form in molecular biology and the evolution of macro matter. In short all systems systematically evolve by the means of coalescent mechanics.

Why do we need to understand the natural sources that initiate life processes?

To define life requires knowing something about our ancestral characteristics.
The more knowledge we acquire the more we convolute the dividing line between what is living and non living.

We can safely infer all varieties of life appear to share elements from a common lineal decent. If we accept life originated by a process of prebiotic evolution of inanimate matter, why not follow a transitional pathway to the smallest open systems.
What concept describes the emergence of life between living and non living open systems; they must at some point share common fundamental building blocks; on one hand a “non living” (thermal) state and on the other a “biotic” (thermal) state?

One readily apparent commonality is all living things and non living systems consist of similar atom particles which are a construct of quantum heat units. This pool of common quantum heat units binds us to a common ancestral history.
We may define “Life” is an open system, a state of perpetual disorder in which quantum heat units coalesce and provide a consistent explanation how thermal evolution is responsible of the manifestation of more complex living matter through coalescent mechanics. Barring single quantum heat units all other states of matter are open systems and are subject to the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.

How Do Particles, Atoms and Molecules Communicate?

This theory has very significant implications to create living organisms from inorganic matter; this in itself is a proposition supporting a self contradictory hypothesis.

Logic may presuppose that quantum heat units (QHU) form simple Baryon particles which interact with other simple Baryon particles in turn form more complex configurations; this is a deterministic transfer of thermal information. The 1st L of T states, that heat as the only constituent of matter (heat is matter*) and can not be created or destroyed.
Our current direction of science to understand subatomic particles as aspects of a chaotic theory may explicate the relativity pertinent to initial conditions, quantum units, their mechanics, disorder, heterogeneity and with sound reason define how "open systems" function in a "closed system”. From a simple observation we can see the universe displays a favorable inclination to a heterogeneous state and in conjunction if empirical methods could explicate, we would soon realize that all quantum units are tangible measures of heat and their manner of function is linear and unitary.

Empirical observations point to this present day that all life depends totally on external influence, very much as any other open system.
If we embrace the concept that thermal transfer is a pre-requisite requirement for all open systems such as atoms and molecules as a condition for life, this than infers that all particles in possession of thermal transference abilities meet the required conditions.

Humans have a need to define what life is; however in cosmological terms the kind of evolution whether intelligent or not is irrelevant and has no effect on the ultimate cosmological destiny.

What counts as life?

Is life a consequence of a long ongoing evolutionary process that is created by way of an environment found on initial conditions, heterogeneity and net force, with deterministic autonomy implying a sequence of events; beginning with quantum units onto fundamental particles, atoms, single cells and onto more complex matter ending as a Critical Mass Core* (CMC)? End of cycle. Biology should embrace that all open systems* all particles are forms of life with thermal activity.

My question is?
Man is host to tens of trillions of cells as bacteria, fungi and other microbes.
What percentage of our matter is a construct of these aliens?
What percentage of our matter content can we refer to is "man matter"?

How does this affect the evolution of life and what does all this mean?

If cells consist of quantum heat units, it stands to reason that origin of life essentially originated from a thermal fundamental state of non organics.

Is coalescence a consequence or process inferred as thermal interactions between quanta by way of an environment found on initial conditions, heterogeneity and net force and does the 2nd law of Thermodynamic suggest matter decay?

Since all open systems possess characteristics of thermal transfer, defining life type depends on the quantum heat transfer rate.
Quantum units the most basic of matter must also follow the laws of physics.

Our Mini universe presents characteristics that suggests that it can modify, evolve and create a variety of open systems such as galaxies, stars and humans and exhibits a self reliance.This simply is not true; the Mini universe itself is an open system and at one point accepted all its thermal value from the embedding Greater Universe. In physical science an open system is one that matter may enter and exit, a closed system, on the other hand, allows nothing to enter or escape because there is no outside.

One such partical group which create this physical medium in the Mini Universe is Dark Matter. These particles form a three dimensional geometrical plasma which subsequenly is imbedded in Alpha plasma, both plasmas Alpha and Dark Matter in concert pervade the Mini Universe all inclusive, Dark Matter constructs a constant and reliable net work, capable of transmitting Alpha unit from point "A" to point B. The dark matter plasma in turn is imbedded in Alpha plasma. Alpha units occupy any space presently not occupied by baryon or dark matter. The dark matter plasma makes the transfer of Alpha units possible from one adjacent DM* particle to the next adjacent DM and to the next.

The design in nature to devolve is deterministic, as gradually changing or declining temperatures pass from high to lower as the 2nd L of T suggests.

One school of thought extrapolates that all things (open systems) are directed toward a complete cycle as an inherent purpose for all things that exist. We may presuppose that parts of our Mini universe must have devolved to an acceptable thermal environment for man to evolve. The adjacent formation of DM* one particle adjacent to the next adjacent particle creates a path of least resistance for the transfer Alpha units in the form of light. The dispersal of light can be referred to as the “devolvement” of stars and our Mini universe itself, creating an environments whereby the evolution of more complex molecules can evolve into the most advanced intelligence.

When did life begin?

Some scientists believe that “biotic” life was introduced to earth by comets, meteorites, space dust, all this is possible, but really this is all besides the point.
Life in basic or more complex forms must be a very common commodity. If we assume that thermal transfer is common, this aptitude implies that life exists throughout the universe in various forms.

If heat is a basic component of matter, the most primitive basic life must be a mechanism for more complex building blocks.
The thermal conditions will determine the complexity of molecule development and determine the degree of complexities. The message can be simple in basic particles, more complex in higher forms such as human intelligence.

Molecules, living cell and man, which are comprised of quantum units, individually obey the laws of chemistry, physics, the laws of thermodynamics and govern the relationships between different values of heat. The laws of physics apply to the whole Universe without exceptions.

If Cairns-Smith is correct, creating primitive evolving physical systems may be fantastically simple - and indeed is forming continuously all around us
Evolution can not evolve in an equilibrium meaning disorder is intrinsically necessary to create life or motion.

The 2nd Law of T states; heat is transferred from a higher thermal system to a lower thermal system to achieve an equilibrium. The 1st Law of T infers that, in a closed system, the system can finish any physical process with as many quantum heat units (QHU) as it had to start with.
At the very heart of the “Quantum heat unit” concept, the 2nd L of T is unable to bring about equilibrium. In simple terms, quantum heat units must exist in more than one set of SET values. These set thermal values are intrinsic can not be altered, upon decay the will revert to their basic value creating a condition of perpetual disorder. Giving arguments as to why new matter cannot be created or destroyed. This argument can be witnessed by the comparatively low quantity of baryon matter observable in space.

A logical assumption infers that all systems have a function, in a chain like phenomenon in the cosmos puzzle

My question is; what is the aim of Critical Mass Cores (Black Holes)?
Are they necessary?

Creation is deterministic but the type of life that comes into being is random, dictated by thermal conditions and defined by the usage of heat transfer through a dark matter network, resulting in the evolution, propagation, replication, as particle coalesce and form more complex matter.
The more complex or massive the matter the more activity or potential to change and behavior of the mass.

Logically we should assume that the theory of heat transfer has existed since the day quantum units of differing values began to coalesce and form more complex matter.

The complexity of molecules depends completely on conditions of the thermal environment. It seems the more complex the molecule is, the more heat it consumes (transfers) to sustain its existence. Clearly our life system is codependent on external heat source, e.g. earth, sun and dark matter.

Can physics predict whether life phenomenon can be reduced to a fundamental matter theory? If so considerable success can be achieved in understanding the structure and configuration of stellar systems in terms of living, non-living matter and the thermal mechanics of heat transference.

All matter answers to the same laws of physics.
When particles of differing values coalesce, a physical change in the configuration occurs.

The quantum thermal unit rearrangement theory states-- No two quantum thermal units can share the same point in space.

To thoroughly digest the quantum thermal unit rearrangement concept, we should first start with a proposition; what is the mechanism to explain the function and extrapolate a theory of a quantum thermal unit rearrangement. Like sound or water for QTUR propagation a contiguous fluid like medium, to fill the total volume is required. Sequentially vast quantities of quantum units are needed to simply fill this space.

Let us posit a novel argument for general behavior and causation of these basic constituents. These varying fundamental particle values (alpha + beta + gamma) eventually form baryonic particles and advance to more complex matter but do not increase their unit value* in respect to volume in space.

Unit value* to define the term is to say. The unit cannot accrete more heat or increase its respective volume albeit through the coalescence of specific units will increase the configured mass. These new binding units simply displace none binding Alpha units and resultantly claim that space. These specific particles can now initiate motion and thermal transference but their respective unit value or volume remains a constant.

What we are witnessing is a local coalescence of binding particles or formation of baryonic matter, an increase of quantities of specific units in an expanding local region only.

Hypothetically we may extrapolate; that the WEIGHT of one cubic inch of quantum alpha units will equal the WEIGHT of one cubic inch of beta quantum units and will equal the WIEGHT of one cubic inch of baryon matter or any combination of units thereof. In other words the weight is constant. Therefore density = omega one = and explains the buoyancy of matter in space. Hypothetically we may extrapolate; one cubic inch of space will contain a constant density of binding or non - binding units. Likewise one cubic inch of space will contain a constant weight inconsequential as to the type of matter and only the number of QHU units subject to their value will change.

With favorable conditions a new rearrangement of particles can appear.
The creation of a CMC* is the ending of an existing cycle, the Big Bang is a beginning of new cycle.

CMC* = otherwise a Black Hole
Open system* = is any configuration produced of two or more coalescing quantum units in a closed system.
lattice* = is plasma
heat is matter* = This proposition is deduced from what the 1st abd 2nd law expresses as true but with out complete proof.

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