The Nature of Light

The origins of light has captured the imagination of many scientists since the inception of hypothetics, as to what is the mechanism to explain the function and extrapolate a theory of light.
It has been established that light is transferred as thermal information (heat) from the source. Light like sound or water for propagation of motion needs a physical transmission network.

Motion of light is a thermodynamic act, enabling the transfer of Alpha quantum units from one dark matter particle to the next dark matter particle through what otherwise is called a medium. Assertions postulated that light characteristics are corpuscular or waves ignore the possibility that the nature of light may be a contactual transfer phenomenon of the Quantum Alpha thermal units. Argumentation initiates some theories as questionable, as they are void of a medium to transmit thermal information. This is where the concept of dark matter presents an environment through which Alpha units can move from one point to an other.

There has been and still is a great debate going on in and around Quantum Physics, between those who say that light is a wave and some that say particle, in actuality both are correct. I believe that dark matter particles form a lattice like plasma, one Dark Matter particle resting adjacent to the next adjacent Dark Matter particle and to the next. Light has an undoubted physical reality and movement presupposes matter, for if there is movement then there must be something which is moved. Light which has a speed of (c?) has a definite movement, so it follows that there must be matter moving during the advance of light. If this is axiomatic, it should suggest that light in all probabilities represents properties of the smallest physical thermal value.

What is it?

The Quantum unit family consists of three units each with its own intrinsic thermal value (Alpha, Beta and gamma) these three units form the infinite formations we observe in space and everything we encounter in our own environment. The Alpha unit* is the least in value of the three and is most abounded. Alpha units fill the entire Greater Universe that presently is not occupied by Beta or Gamma units.

Unit*; to define this term is to say. These units cannot accrete more heat or increase their respective volume albeit by coalescence will configure more complex matter. These newly formed particles simply displace any extra Alpha units and resultantly claim that space. These new particles can initiate motion, thermal transference and remain autonomous units with respective intrinsic values and constant volume.

One such particle is Dark Matter (one Alpha + one Beta) they are ubiquitous and pervade our entire Mini Universe, it is logical to presuppose that dark Matter is this medium that makes it possible to transmit light from a source.

Which quantum unit creates this Light phenomenon?

The Alpha unit is the least in thermal value and as an unbinding* (without a mate) the unit is easily transferred from one dark matter particle to next adjacent particle and so on. I take for granted without proof that the Alpha unit is the "light" we witness.

What stimulates the physical transfer of alpha units in dark matter?

In view of the fact that Alpha heat units are ubiquitary, after all Beta and Gamma and have mated still 60% of Alpha units remain single, now rendering them as unbinding and good transfer candidates. A transfer of Alpha heat units between two particles in a static system is the cause and affect of a temperature difference between the particles. The 2nd Law of thermodynamics states heat will transfer from a higher to a lower temperature, e.g. the source is hot (star)- space is colder. The alpha is simply drawn from the hotter dark matter particle to the next colder adjacent dark matter particle.

Dark matter is a combination of two Quantum units, one Alpha and one Beta this dark matter particle is instrumental in the formation of plasma, Dark Matter particles must rest in an adjacent formation one particle adjacent to the next adjacent particle. Sequentially vast quantities of contactual Dark Matter particles are needed to simply fill the volume of the Mini Universe and implement a route for thermal transfer.
For now I will refer to this interaction as palpitations indicating actual momentary disturbance in the medium. Dark Matter is a concept whereby dark matter particles create a plasma that enables the transfer of thermal information (light) through a contiguous network, implementing the possibility for an omni – directional concept whereby Dark Matter particles are able to transfer alpha units from one particle to next as made understandable in detail by the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.

The theory of light dispersing is logical; it explains how interactions relate in a thermal spectrum with omni - directional dispersed light and its various thermal values. If we can accept this as a logical hypothesis than dark matter is this medium.

If not, we should question this phenomenon; can a quantum Alpha heat units survive in a vacuum?
How can a "photon" maintain heat levels in a hostile and heatless environment?

It is my belief that thermal information (light) can not be transmitted through an Alpha plasma hence rendering light torpid. We should take notice if space is deprived of dark matter as a transference medium light will not be visible from its source because thermal information (light) can not be transmitted through an Alpha plasma, rendering light torpid. The notion that we can contemplate that a vacuum can exist in space any sized vacuum, anywhere, is based on a false premise

What would a vacuum infer to the 2nd Lof T?

This opinion is expressed with insufficient proof but logic and the fruit of the senses may question. If the universe is expanding into a vacuum or the belief that the universe can expand as an infinite "expansions theory" is simply based on a false premise. The infinite theory of expansions reveals a model whereby the 2nd Law of T would at some point be faced with zero thermal space values. Theoretically it could equilibrate (not really) and eventually assume a zero temperature or if things are not bad enough! Quantun units would be dispersed beyond the point whereby they could reverse and coalesce.
This is totally inconsistent with the 1st L o T that expansion can bring about heat death when the property of matter is heat. On this premise if basic units were to be subject to thermal change this would be inconsistent with the 1st Law of thermodynamics that new matter could be created or destroyed. We would easily witness these phenomena by simply gazing into the skies. I believe the 1st law to be a good law. It is highly probable that “Nature” will NOT manifest conditions for its own destruction.

Colder Dark Matter particles draw Alpha units from a higher thermal DM particle value, as the DM particle is over loaded, they come into a perceptible existence; a trigger for illumination (Alpha units are indestructible, indivisible, will not break down and can withstand all temperatures).

Actions that propagate the speed of light are the Quantum Alpha heat units transfered omni - directional in the DM plasma. Absolute constant speed of light is not intrinsic, as space would require homogenized omni - directional content of matter. Will not happen.

This omni - directional process is embedded in a contiguous DM plasma.

Non - binding* = After all Beta and Gamma are mated this still leaves close to 60% (give or take a few %), Alpha units left unmated. Because they are all of equal thermal value they can not coalesce.
fmp * = fundamental particles (The term "fundamental particle" is used here to avoid having to invent new terminology)

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created by Sam Sade

created: June 10, 2003 : last modified: August 2, 2009