Dark Energy or Alpha Plasma

What are Alpha units?

That is the stuff between the stuff we can not see.

A description of an Alpha unit: in the quantum family the Alpha heat unit is of the least thermal value, has no spin or motion and are most bountiful 78% ~, beta 15% ~ and Gamma 3 to 4% ~ (some baryon matter for one reason or an other is not observable) 1) after all Beta have coalesced to form “dark matter” ~ 30% (one Alpha + one Beta), 2) after all Gamma have coalesced to form baryon particles - 3 to 10% ~ (one Alpha + one Beta + one Gamma) a whopping 55 to 60% ~ remain unattached. These remaining Alpha units take on a fluid like, non coalescent presence. Alpha are shapeless, everlasting heat units, filling all space presently not occupied by any other quantum unit.

In Astronomy, as in all sciences, one can detect an object in one of two ways: either by observing it directly, or observing the effect that it exerts on more visible bodies. To distinguish a quantum unit as something different when "it" in "itself" is the environment is a futile quest.

The Alpha unit is a hypothetic term though not visible to our technology their presence is inferred by their influence on visible celestial bodies in the Mini Universe. There is a growing consensus in the astronomical community that most of the matter in the our Mini universe is in the form of Alpha heat units; referred to as dark energy. These ratios increases dramatically when Alpha units are compared with Dark matter to the outlying Greater Universe.

A more compelling argument for Alpha units; let us hypothesize and fill the "entire universe" (space all inclusive) with Alpha units and create an initial condition, a fluidized environment. From observations of our Mini Universe the evidence points to that a very few varied quantum units influence every interaction. Also these same observations display a favorable inclination to a heterogeneous state. It is only logical to assume that all space exists as an entity of a very few varying quantum values.
Quantum units establish a “quantum environment” found on initial conditions, heterogeneous and net force, that is not only deterministic but in essence its’ doctrine is that all occurrences in nature take place in accordance with natural laws. Since Alpha, Beta and Gamma carry intrinsic but differing values, a state of chaos or non - equilibrium exists.

At this point in time cosmologists don't know what Alpha plasma is. With understanding the movements of celestial objects, great strides can be taken in the comprehension of the universes. The nature of Alpha units and their abundance are crucial questions in modern cosmology. Since an insignificant percentage of all matter is visible, it is therefore logical to assume the possibility that these non visual constituents will determine the type of universe and how it performs.

Quantum Alpha units and dark matter ubiquitous and very efficacious, what fundamental synergy do they posit? The deeper we delve the more intriguing we find this hypothesis of complexity wrapped in simplicity. This Alpha plasma is found not only in space but as a contiguous net work embedding and permeating all macro and dark matter; in every facet of thermal interaction.

Why such an abundance of these two ingredients in "the Mini Universe"? alpha units in possession of 55% ~ of the total heat value and the second about 45 % ~ as dark and baryon matter.

This begs a question; why are the galaxies not falling in on themselves?

In order to proceed from this point can we posit buoyancy of all macro matter as a theory and assume that the universe is a quiescent fluid. This persumed assumption that little conduction of heat and almost no viscosity maybe questionable on small scales but taken as units, both the Mini and Greater Universe under observations behaves very much like a quiescent fluid.

This causative agent is emerging as key factor to revive the "cosmological constant theory". The existence of Alpha plasma as a dominant basic constituent of the "Greater Universe" revives Einstein’s discarded hunch of the "cosmological constant", maybe not exactly as he envisioned. Nevertheless these mysterious plasmas (Alpha and Dark Matter) can explain how a Critical Mass Core (black Hole) can create conditions that can contract matter content and crush everything that it may accrete. These two plasmas propose an explanation to a theory whose status is still conjectural; which states that the density of all space equals omega = one.

I will attempt to explain with this "Quantum Thermal Unit Rearrangement" theory (QTUR)

The first law of quantum thermal unit rearrangement states ; No two quantum thermal units can share the same point in space.

To thoroughly digest the quantum thermal unit rearrangement concept, we should first start with a proposition; What is the mechanism to explain the function and extrapolate a theory of a quantum thermal unit rearrangement? Like sound or water for QTUR propagation, a contactual or fluid like medium, to fill the total volume is required. Sequentially vast quantities of quantum units are needed to simply fill this space.

Let us posit a novel argument for general behavior and causation of these basic constituents.
These varying Quantum unit values (alpha, beta and gamma) eventually form baryonic particles and advance to more complex matter but do not increase their unit value* in respect to volume in space.
Unit value* to define the term is to say. The unit cannot accrete more heat or increase its respective volume albeit through the coalescence of specific units will increase a configured mass. These new binding units simply displace the none binding Alpha units and resultantly claim that space. These specific particles can now initiate motion and thermal transference but their respective unit value or volume remains a constant.
What we are witnessing in this case is a local coalescence of dark matter and binding particles or a formation of baryonic matter, an increase in quantities of specific units expanding the local region only.

Hypothetically we may extrapolate; that the WEIGHT of one cubic inch of quantum alpha units will equal the WEIGHT of one cubic inch of beta quantum units and will equal the WIEGHT of one cubic inch of baryon matter or any combination of units thereof. In other words the weight is constant. Therefore density = omega one = and explains the buoyancy of matter in space. Hypothetically we may extrapolate; one cubic inch of space will contain a constant density of binding or non - binding units. Likewise one cubic inch of space will contain a constant weight inconsequential as to the type of matter and only the number of Quantum Heat Units subject to their value will change.

With the emergence of Alpha and Dark Matter a draft guesstimate of the Mini Universal total volume of these three constituents (Alpha, Beta and Gamma) their sum = (omega one) to determine its size now is a possibility.

I assume without proof that the Greater Universe is the same volume now as it was x trillion years ago, as being self-evident. What would be a logical cause that follows physics for expansion or loss of volume if matter can not be destroyed or created? The conjecture that the universe is infinite in volume would postulate that the genesis of matter as a hypothetical, potential generating thermal units would be spread far too sparse to coalesce. Not a viable option.

Quantum Alpha units are the first order of magnitude and exist in perpetuity while dark matter particles may seem everlasting, but as a particle it has limits and is subject to the laws of nature. Alpha as first magnitude in size are unable to accrete or transmit thermal information and this inability renders them ineffectual to expansion or contraction.

I would prefer to refer to Dark Energy as Alpha units, I extrapolate their existence as quiescent, almost zero thermal value,no independent motion and these units fill all space and permeate and embed all baryon matter. The rearrangement of matter structures can be absorbed into and still maintain a cosmological constant Greater Universe?

As humbling as it may sound these expansion theories may be regarded as regional phenomenon, as we observe regional generation and atrophy of galactic cycles. We may not even have ventured outside of our sector which commands at least 15 to 20 billion light years omni - directional. What does that say about our sector are we the new kid in the neighborhood?

Light like sound or water the propagation of motion needs a medium to transfers thermal information from the source. Alpha units being the first order of magnitude in size and unable to accrete thermal information this inability renders them ineffectual to transmit light. This should limit our ability to view light from within our Mini Universe only. The space between one Mini universe and the next is a vast sea of Alpha units; we may refer to as the Greater Universe. Light like sound or water for propagation of motion, light needs a medium (dark matter) capable of transferring thermal information or in simple terms light can not transfer or survive in an Alpha only plasma.

The fact that parts of the our Mini Universe do display expansion does not proclaim that the Greater Universe can not remain constant.

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created by Sam Sade

created: June 10, 2003 : last modified: August 2, 2009