The Universe

Quantum heat units as a Plasmic net work are permeating the Greater Universe all inclusive.

Where did the greater universe come from? Well, it always "WAS" and always will "BE", it simply has nowhere to go.

I now present an objection which I believe is fatal to the "creation theory" of the greater universe (g.u.). If we are to assume a creation of the greater universe, we posit this dilemma? We believe that heat units (energy) can not be created and we assume, that matter can not be created from "nothing", but the evolutionary processes by which galaxies, stars and planets are formed, are tangible.

Humans by nature desire to know and to make sense of our world, by logic, by reasoned pursuit and postulate a theory to understand what unifies motion, matter, thermodynamics and produce predictions that are relative to space.

I propose that eventually empirical demonstrations of universal existence, will have to give way to arguments that perceive objects directly while not being subject to their physical existence to the extent of certainty and by rationality present a philosophical foundation for science and evolutionary trends, as proof by logic and by reasoned pursuit of the senses.

Does Mass = Space?

Is it possible to design a static Greater Universe and not defy the accepted physical laws of expansion and or the 2nd law of thermodynamics. Is "space" just space?

To define density we should first define what is space? If one believes that a Mini universe is composed of quantum matter with two main plasmas, one Alpha and the second as dark matter than we may presume a relativist dependency between a fluidized space as a degree of its density. We should also assume that the 2nd L of T requires a well defined network; a contiguous particle formation. The underlying order of quantum mechanics obeys the laws of initial conditions with inherent predictability in all open systems. The principle idea of motion - it relies on the underlying order of quantum matter. There is a direct relationship between quanta density, net force, initial condition and quantum linear motion in the mini universe. Quantum mechanics is not only deterministic but in essence itsí doctrine is that all occurrences in its environment take place in accordance with natural laws. We may presuppose a fluidized space has a tangible quality, if we follow this line of logic we must arrive at this probability, that a theory of infinite expansion is based on a false premise; or the 1st and second laws of thermodynamics would at some point be non functional.
Nature would not and could not commit heat death. I believe that Quantum units and dark matter permeate space all - inclusive, as inferred by convincing logical evidence, ergo I am of this opinion that "space = mass".
If this extrapolation is valid the Greater Universe is a closed system and we must define density as Omega = one

Some of the hypotheses that fell from favor, however with new discrete particle theories, are creeping back into modern thought, giving rise to the notion as a quantum unit theory (quantum heat units).When we express the term fluid space, we should envision a volume, permeated by various mass structures. These spatial constituents and non binding primordial elements form this non binding fluid = mass = space.

Contemporary discrete particle theories are affording new insights into the nature of motion through space and particle interactions in the Universe.The first thing that strikes our imagination as we observe the creations around us, is the magnitude of divergent forms.

We can only observe what we can see, how stars on the outskirts of a galaxy move. How outlying stars speeds appear to be constant and if this hypothesis is correct we may postulate dark matter particles form a thermal transference medium in a local universe. Dark matter is a generic term for these fundamental particles * not directly observable, although their presence is inferred by the motions of galaxies, their exact form may be controversial but they do seem to be able to emit light. Dark Matter particles transmit Alpha units from the source and this thermal value is transferred contiguously and omni directional.

We must embrace the fact that in reality or in logic, we are part of the inseparable sea of contactual particles in our local universe. History has habituated us to perceive creation as varying extensions and not as an ancestral history of tiny particles, when combined form larger bodies, in continuum.

The universe is a bewildering variety of mass structures, cluster galaxies, galaxies, stars, man, particles, all embedded and permeated in non - homogeneous and isotropic (DM and Alpha) plasmas.

DM plasma is a uniform mass with movement control capabilities of matter that perpetuates expansion and contractile phenomenon.

How Was the Universe Created?

When we refer to the origins of the Greater Universe and the big bang, these are two separate issues.

I too adhere to the Many Bang Theory (MBT). Such events as collisions, explosions of concentrated matter in regions of the greater universe occur on varying scales continuously.

Even though big bangs are a cyclic phenomenon they can not be compared to collisions or explosions. Black holes construct conditions that integrate Beta and Gamma Quantum units and form a region of space of concentrated mass, as a result of the weight intensity and external dark matter pressure object cannot escape. These conditions influence sectors containing millions of cluster galaxies in turn the Mini Universes are constituents of a Greater Universe themselves.

The big bang theory what some astrophysicists call a singularity, which was about the size of grape or dime, this super critical mass, creates even more uneasy questions. Still leaving us with the original question, where did this dime come from?

One of the most persistently asked questions is. How was the universe created? Many once believed that the universe had no beginning or end and was truly infinite. Through science the Mini universe was forced to take on the properties of a finite phenomenon, possessing a history a beginning and end, but the Greater universe Is, Was and always will Be, to me will remain a mystery.

However, we have come a long way from the mystical beginnings of cosmological studies as to the origins of the universe. Through the understanding of modern science we have been able to provide firm theories for some of the answers we once called hypothesize. True to the nature of science, many of these answers have only led us to more intriguing and more complex questions.
This opinion is expressed without empirical evidence as proof; the first Mini Universe began as a sequence of consequences in a heterogeneous environment of quantum units; a sea of Alpha, Beta and Gamma. The coalescence of dark matter was in the early stages, if not instantaneous, was not contiguous, dispersed throughout the greater universe and not as a plasma formation. Baryon particles may have taken a much longer time to coalesce: baryon is a product of all three.
The principle idea of initial conditions and net force is it relies on the underlying order of quantum matter; in essence itsí doctrine is that all occurrences in its environment take place in accordance with natural laws.The principle idea of initial conditions and net force is it relies on the underlying order of quantum matter; in essence itsí doctrine is that all occurrences in its environment take place in accordance with natural laws. It may have taken trillions of years* to configure more complex baryon matter; a Mini universe is bit by bit coming into being.

I would venture the birth of the first local universe was not a vast array of thermal grandeur but rather a sequence of consequence bland and weak. Trillions of years* again may have passed before the first big bang erupted. Quantum heat units, coalesce to form fundamental particles and only the natural decay can uncouple these newly formed particles.
A fundamental particle created is long lasting and almost indestructible.

If matter can not be created from "nothing", I venture to posit the Greater Universe always was.

Shape of the Universe

To view the greater universe in perspective if we could, would reveal a black 3 dimensional shapeless marble like image with thermal bearing matter as silvery faint non - homogenous veins throughout.

The thermal interaction in younger galaxies will have higher entropy expansion rates. These expansions and contractions are common functions in a local universe function and if viewed from a distance, these activities may present an impression the Greater Universe as a throbbing mass.
After a big bang fragments, now bodies of hot gases may maybe adrift within the Mini universe When a Critical Mass Core (Black Hole) erupts it disperses fragments and when these fragments have achieved super inflation the speed of each thermal mass will be greatly reduced and eventually surrenders all velocity. Some CMC fragments may not be fully expanded or at rest and has as yet to refill the surrounding environment; hence leaving Alpha pockets within the Mini universe. Dark matter and galaxies will eventually fill these Alpha pockets at lesser thermal values.

How is a Bubble Created in the Cosmos?

The Greater Universe is constructed with countless bubbles, each bubble a small universe (a sector) containing billions of solar formations each with Alpha and dark matter plasma base. Initially and during a big bang explosion, Beta units are continuously being dispersed. When critical mass is breached the fragments explode and unleash super high temperatures or super inflation. Throughout this process a three dimensional dark Matter lattice is forming in a pre filled Alpha space. The dispersing Quantum Beta heat units form a thermal transference medium throughout the Mini universe. These DM and Alpha bases bind clusters galaxies, galaxies, stars, planets, and on a lesser scale, but not less important, the human composition.

Can More Than One Greater Universe Be Possible?<

The answer must be no?

The mechanics of a CMC eruption of an existing sector casts fragments every which way, those cast outward will act as a possible precursor for the propagation process with omni-directional disturbances in the an Alpha plasma. This will enhance chance encounters of various values. These are the mechanics to propagate more dark and baryon particles, otherwise a protracted time frame is required.
Our sector could be a result of a similar occurrence.

How Old is the Universe?<

Some scientists believe this present universe is 10 to 20 billion light years young. I believe at least our Mini Universe as a sector of the Greater Universe may be 10 to 20 .L.Y*. and may still be forming. The greater universe is perpetual always WAS and always will BE..
Our local universe may still comprise of areas that are still (voids) Alpha pockets, this can only mean that back filling and expansion is still in progress.

Fmp = (The term "fundamental particle" is used here to avoid having to invent new terminology)
Time* = something we perceive through our senses.

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created by Sam Sade

created: June 10, 2003 : last modified: August 2, 2009