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The search for the origin of the universe has taken us deeper and deeper into the heart of the micro element world. Gazing into the heavens makes it hard to believe, that the universe we perceive as so unbelievably clear and transparent, is in reality very dense. That is to say the distances between quantum units in space are a carbon copy of what we perceive as solid matter here on Earth; one unit resting adjacent to the next unit perpetually in contact. Modern theories accept that our local universe is comprised of micro and macro mass and appropriately assume that all this matter was dispersed from the BIG BANG.
Logic may posit that the Greater Universe (GU) was not created but rather it always WAS, IS and always will BE as a “non equilibrated and intrinsically a stable closed system”. We may also assume the birth of the “first” Mini Universe was not a vast array of thermal grandeur but rather a meager whimper a sequence of consequence giving birth first to baryon dust, stars and eventually the Big Bang. Many scientists now believe the Greater Universe is a closed system and that Quantum ALPHA UNITS and DARK MATTER particles as fluid like plasmas are filling our Local Universe.


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